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What is Church Health?

We have a bunch of resources that are available to you free of charge. Check back as new resources are added from time to time.


We want to be healthy congregations, growing by conversion. If your church is struggling, then we can connect you to a CHURCH HEALTH COACH who can guide you through a process of Church Health.

Learn how healthy churches are outward-focused and how mission catalyzes community.
Read a summary overview of the EPC Church Health Process.
Preview the manual used by an EPC Church Health Coach.
Contact your Church Health Coordinator to schedule a REFOCUS seminar at your church.
Request a Coach from your Church Health Coordinator.


Evangelism is sharing Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and leaving results to God. To create a culture of evangelism, the entire EPC is rallying around the 3 CIRCLES Gospel presentation.

Learn about 3 Circles and how to incorporate this tool in your church.
Add the above video to your New Members class and website.
Watch this training video with your Session, Deacons, Staff and existing groups at church.
Purchase and read “Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations.”
Roleplay 3 Circles, practicing and giving feedback.
Pull together a few nearby EPC churches and contact your Church Health Coordinator to do a live-training.
New: Leverage the HE GETS US movement in your church!


A TRANSITIONAL PASTOR is contracted by a Session, typically 12-24 months, before a congregation sets up a Search Committee. The goal is to walk the entire church through a Church Health assesment to prepare for your next Pastor.

Read and discuss “The Case for a Transitional Pastor” with your Session.
Preview the manual used by an EPC Transitional Pastor
If you’re a Teaching Elder, attend a Transitional Pastor training. Contact your Church Health Coordinator for dates and locations.
If you’re a Session, desiring a Transitional Pastor, contact the Ministerial Committee and the Church Health Coordinator to discuss your next step.

Contact Health Coordinator

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The Presbytery of the Southeast is a Presbytery of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church(EPC). The EPC is a family of churches, Reformed and Presbyterian, defined by shared core values, bonded by the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and centered upon the good news of what God has done for the world through His Son, Jesus Christ.
The EPC Presbytery of the Southeast serves congregations in the South Eastern United States.